Carry On Album

Release Date: January 2012 by Tate Music Group

Carry On

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  • Take My Hand (5:04)
  • Carry On (2:58)
  • Do You Believe (4:30)
  • Since I Met Jesus (3:13)
  • Take a Stand (5:07)
  • My Mom (4:20)
  • I’m Back (3:40)
  • Jamie (3:32)
  • Grow Up Slow (3:44)

Release Date: January 2012, Tate Music Group

Album Bio

Carry On is the product of two generations of songwriting styles, coming together to create a unique sound all Larimiah’s own. Jesus is the reason for this music, playing and live the rest of his life with a purpose. Spread the word.

Sample Album Music

Song Title Duration Artist Album
Take My Hand 5:04 Larimiah Carry On
Carry On 2:58 Larimiah Carry On
Do You Believe 4:30 Larimiah Carry On
Since I Met Jesus 3:13 Larimiah Carry On
Take a Stand 5:07 Larimiah Carry On
My Mom 4:20 Larimiah Carry On
I’m Back 3:40 Larimiah Carry On
Jamie 3:32 Larimiah Carry On
Grow Up Slow 3:44 Larimiah Carry On